PRCo Seattle
Terra Zoo Productions is the in house live show concert support unit for PRCo Seattle shows
featuring  TERRA ZOO,  Worldtime, Gerald Lee Ames and Jdrum events.

Concert lighting includes 12"x12" aluminum box truss system with Genie Towers and Applied
towers.  We use Leprecon LD 2400 dimmers max 86000 Watts, and LP2000 control boards and
60 old school 1000 watt and 500 watt PAR 64's.   (2) 1000 watt Times Square follow spots help
follow the stage movement

FOH Sound is provided by a QSC system of KW181subs and KW153 3 way mains and a Mackie
32-8 board. Stage monitors include JBL 612M  1000 watts ea.
All rights reserved  (c) 2017 PRCo Seattle
Bass guitar ,drums and keyboard performances by  Jay Ames
All rights reserved  (c) 2019 PRCo Seattle