June 21, 2019   4pm
Taste of Tacoma
July 21, 2019  7pm
Bite of Seattle                        
Mural  Amphitheater Stage  
Seattle Center          
summer 2019
June 21, 2019  
July 21, 2019
upcoming shows
Fri  June 21  2019   4:00 pm  TERRA ZOO  featuring the "bRUSH continues" tribute
will perform in full power trio glory at the Taste of Tacoma KZOK 102.5 fm  BOWL
Sun July 21,  2019  7:00 pm  TERRA ZOO will bring the "bRUSH continues" tribute
show to the KZOK 102.5 fm mural amphitheater stage at Seattle Center.
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June 14, 2019  
Fri  June 14,  2019   7:00 pm Jay Ames  Jdrums performance LIVE with VanGard at
the Omak Performing Arts Center.