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TERRA ZOO is all about the art of real human performances. The real deal.
The way music is best experienced. Honest, raw and full of neat motifs,
solos,voice, feelings and riffs.  
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"All your love in a lifetime" CD *****
destined to be one of their greatest rock classics.  
Ames' vocal and bass work are simply stellar,
eclipsed only by the power trio's heavy anvil
dynamic percussion talents of Greg Autrey and  the
nimble classic lead guitar work of Wes Smith.
Exclusive CD release only.   
"Awesome album"  Mike
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TERRA ZOO All your love in a lifetime album cover
TZ CD album jacket and disc
MVCC Auditorium
The" BIG ROCK show"
Chelan Summer Fun
Saturday July 11th 2015  5-9pm
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Saturday June 27th 2015  7pm
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The 2016 TERRA ZOO album  "Cash Alligator"
features the full throttle rock musical title track,  
song s Leave it alone, the Key, Lost Love, and more.
A perfect follow up, dynamic and real. ***
"Cash Alligator"   ****
TERRA ZOO music presents   
The 1993 debut album which painted a positive
road to the future.  The metaphoric water theme
society teeming with  electric cars,alternative
energy, self empowerment, space missions to Mars
and feeding the wolrd's hungry. Jay Ames lead
vocal. Tracks recorded in 1991-92 at Seattle  WA  
Ironwood Studios with producer Jay Follette.  A
remarkable masterpiece 24 years ahead of it's
The 2012 recording project
featuring lead vocal of Jay Ames.  
A nine song compilation of rock
songs including "Goodtimes",
Stay by your side, Letting Go, and
Pie hole. Featuring  Ames,  
Garrett,  Eason
i-tunes  /Microsoft  
RELEASE ONLY         ***
The all new TERRA ZOO"Blues review"
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