When I awoke this morning, looked out the window view of the incredible snow cap
mountain display beaming a reflection of the rising sun’s power, a moment of focus
presented itself.
Put together a collection of songs all threaded together from the bassist perspective, driven
by prominent percussion and styles of drum masters that have so influenced my pounding
heart and throbbing grey matter mind.   It would seem my self-imposed isolation here in the
mountains to reach out and attempt to touch the hand of God and the great universe of all the
stars, has led me to a simple conclusion.  The message I am to convey is unique to this
perspective as is the delivery messenger.  A group rendition of this collection of ideas will
never be possible in a traditional band sense but rather the idea and thought patterns will
simply be a discovery in a trail of prints assisting the listener journey through the wave forms
of a vision, as interpretive to my human view of the universe on this planet, in this body of
this receiver.

The song SEE is a “doorway” to a story presented to me in a dream as a young man in his
late teens.   The story of "Michael the Angel."  Here in this circle it is song one in this circle
of twelve songs and the title track for this album of my latest work.  
Yes, SEE.  Free to walk the air bridge of faith and soar as free as one possibly can out of
your existence and into the musical journey of the unknown human perspective and simple
play with the psalms of gods.

And may your once mortal existence be forever transcending


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