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DEMISE   (ocean  5:07)
The world seems so old now.
Many friends have passed away.
I peer at life from a rocking chair,
in a wise old man’s dreamy way.

Why am I not the first,
but the last to watch them pass into infinity?
On without me.
One by one.

To see the end of the river.
A definite end.
Death makes me reflect life I love,
and all the pain I did not mend.

It’s too late to change things now
for the flame fades and withers.
In my eyes a ship passes by.
All aboard.

Spread my ashes to the whirling winds.
I’ll see you in the spring again.
All I have given and all we did share,
lives in your heart as the rainbow on the hill.
There is but only one time,  this moment right now.  I am Alpha and Omega,  the beginning and the end.  The same moment you
had when you were 5 years old riding your tricycle. The same moment you went to school, fell in love, or out of or to where
you are right now. All confused by the tracking of motion, the movement of the earth's rotation, the sun, stars and universe.   
Time is confused with motion.  There is only one time.  One moment.   Worldtime.                                                               
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Lyrics by Gerald Lee Ames  (Jay Ames)
Music by Ames and Smith
Published by Terra Zoo Music (ASCAP)
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Photo:   1985 in Aberdeen WA