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I did all the lead guitar work on this album "WORLDTIME",  Donn did all the
drumming, a little backing vocal.  Bass was by Jeff Johnson and myself.   The
water theme represents the energy circle of life of birth through death and

If you note the amazon looking symbol.  This was 1993, long before it was used
by Jeff's company.   Many have said... oh you should sue him and get lots of
money.  I just shrug my shoulders,  how could one ever do that to anyone who is
a space visionary and of a larger world mind.....  Angels don't sue Angels.  The
universe defines balance.

This album was way ahead of its time.  It tells of the path to electric vehicles, free
born out of the oil wars. How reaching out to the heavens in space exploration will
unite humanity,  It speaks of "Worldtime" how your footprints are important here
and now.  It is a predecessor and door way to
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