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PRCo Seattle is an active financial supporter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ,  the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. and
the local chapter of
Habitat for Humanity . Please give generously to these much needed community sponsored organizations.

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Featured Northwest recording artists
The TERRA ZOO flagship album destined to be one of their
greatest rock classics.  "All your love in a lifetime" opens the
door to the greatest of all gifts.  Ames' vocal and bass work
are simply stellar.  Also featured are the dynamic percussion
talents by Greg Autrey and the classic guitar riffs of Wes Smith.
Full circle album    *****
The 2012 recording project featuring lead vocal of Jay Ames.  
A nine song compilation of rock songs including "Goodtimes",
Stay by your side, Letting Go, and
Pie hole. Featuring  Ames,  
Garrett,  Eason
i-tunes  /Microsoft  
"All your love in a lifetime"   CD
The all new TERRA ZOO"Blues review"
The 1993 album "WORLDTIME"     24 years ahead of it's time,
recorded with producer Jay Follette at Ironwood Studios, Seattle WA.
With lead vocalist Jay Ames. The 10 song concept metaphore album
features songs, New dreams, petrodollar connection, demise and
more.  A must have master piece.  
Nostradamus  ****
TERRA ZOO music presents 2009 reissue of "Worldtime" CD
"Cascade Country"
12 Songs performed by GLA &
Cascade Country including
songs "Hearts Pass, You're like
heaven, Drive me crazy,
Walk thru fire, and (NAPW).".....
much more.  Powerful packed
album.  ****
"Open Roads" CD  GLA    album
released early in  2006.  
Features the title track plus    
favorites "You bring me home to
love again,"  "Lightning Angel",
and more. **
Available at CD Baby and Apple i-tunes
Maverick Magazine "four out of five stars"
TERRA ZOO "Cash Alligator "  digital download
The TERRA ZOO album featuring title track "Cash Alligator",
"Leave it alone", Space X ''s "Rattlesnake", the Zepplinesk sultry
vocal /bluesy riff  "Bring it" and more.   10 songs in a real TZ
tradition. 2016  ***
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