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The Single Action Army Colt which inspired the song "Single Action Army Colt", is listed as serial # 5966
manufactured in 1874 and ordnance sub-inspected by O.W. Ainsworth.  The antique is noteworthy in itself
as a collectors piece,  one of 17 extant Custer 5900 serial number SAA Colts  possibly from the Battle of
Little Big Horn June 26, 1876.  The Colt originated from Lot Six (#5505-#6516), one of the "prime" lots from
which the 7th Cavalry received their initial issue prior to departure into the Black Hills. This historical
antique is featured in a GLA "Open Roads" CD  
promotional photo.
Right side    note "A" stamp on cylinder
ordnance sub-inspected by O.W. Ainsworth
Bottom frame / trigger guard serial numbers
Single Action Army Colt #5966
Puyallup Records Co.  presents
(below) "Bulls eye" cartridge ejector
John A. Kopec letter of authentication
Song: Single Action Army
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