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Classic TAMA kit w  24 in kick, 18 in floor tom,  dw5000 hi hat, double bass pedals, Zildjian  cymbals
My favorite Drum Heroes of influence

John Bonham   Led Zeppelin  

Neil Peart    Rush, COF

Buddy Rich

Dave Grohl     PLAY,  Foo Fighters,  Nirvana

Wayne Salzmann II      Eric Johnson

Donn Garrett    Brilliant Mistakes,  WORLDTIME,  GLA

Greg Autrey     Terra Zoo

Billy Gent      Lois Lane ,  VICE

Michael Derossier    Heart,   Heart by Heart,  10 bulls, Alias

Kelly Knobles      RAIL
North West drummer available for live shows and recording
Song:  "Hammerman" written by guitarist Wes Smith featuring yours truly Jay Ames on drums