It is all about the circle and RATIOs

Here is the perspective.

Yes the clock hands move around and around and we as human beings
follow it with close attention from the early days of life.  And Yes this is
The separate distinction here is that the hands of a clock represent the
movement of the heavens, the stars , the moon and the earth.  Yes it
represents MOTION.  Time itself is more a creative story humans tell and
follow and believe.  We believe in tommorrows, yesterdays and after work
or on the weekend.   These pictures of the movement of the light on our
sphere (the rotating earth) are vistas we can imagine as movement pre or
the physical brain memory of the actual exact position of where the pieces
all were post,   before they moved again and again.  Simply put, the
human mind has the ability to keep track of motion. Pre see and Post
motion.  And "SEE" the exact position of the one moment of right NOW.
Or by scientific terms of geometric math=  This point.  

Again this moment or point,  is the only moment that has ever existed or
will ever exist.  It is the moment of all things in their exact location, and
includes memory of all movement ever or anticipated to be.

The laws of physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion
relative to one another. However, There is very little uniform motion in the
vast spinning universe.  In short there are at least four distinct direct
motions that we are subject to.     
1) the earths rotation on its axis  
2) the earths rotation around the sun  
3) the sun's orbit  around the center of the Milkyway galaxy.  
4) The arc of the motion of all the Galaxys' movement from the center of  
their creation (or other center).   

So with the four obvious circles of motion engaged there are a whole lot of
varible rates of travel,  even as we stand still.   

At times when the different ratios of arcs of orbit are combined to a similar
direction a forward spin/arc movement,  an extreme speed may be
achieved. So extreme that at a precise moment (or point) a future (and i
use that term lightly to explain) position of where you are may swing back
and occupy the same exact space you are standing in right now.   The
movement is so fast that it stretches out in a vaaaaaaaaast distance and is
at such a greater ratio of size, that we just slip through the cracks as if it is
not even there. (this sounds a lot like Einstein's twin paradox huh?) This is
my theory as to why some people can see the future.  They get an
advance screening of the motion, much like how an old audio cassette
makes a ghost audio before the song even starts.  The gravitational
waves of residue energy are some how identified by certain people who
are naturally tuned or open to their transmission. ( They are good radio
receivers.)  Much like a hunter who can spot the microscopic shape of
deer or bear on a hillside from a great distance when most un-trained eyes
do not.

Questioning:  But we all get older every day.  
Answer:  Yes, we see the effects of new cells
dividing and running their preset course of life  
and duration.  Cells whether skin, brain, eyes, mouth, heart, foot, etc  all
change and eventually run out of steam.  Then our bodies stop functioning
properly just like an old car.  It is all simply
motion observed.

Questioning:  I set my alarm clock and go to work.
Answer:  Yes, That is true and you are
syncronizing your movements with the light
and with others and other things of movement, much like the gears of a
watch.  Coordination of

Questoning:  The years go by every year.  They seem to pile up.
Answer;  I think as observers we note patterns and have reason to keep
track of patterns of movement that repeat.  This way we can better
mitigate our movements of resources and effort.   In other words if we see
that every 365 days the snow melts and we should plant a seed in warm
earth for best production of food,  perhaps we should do that the same
way for higher yields and success.   On Mars it would take the same
"year" of 687 earth day periods and 24hr 37 min earth periods to complete
rotation cycles.   The moment or point would be the same. Much
of our belief system in the story of time, is based on our placement on the
earth and its rotation cycles both axis and revolutions around the sun.  

11-08-2018 JA

And no I do not smoke dope. These are all just "eyes wide
open"observations and being a good human witness for the last fifty six
earth orbits around the sun.

There is more.  I am still attempting to get a handle on it and digest the
concept of construction. It all has to do with who we are energy wise, the
unique energy patterns we all create, and how that is related to the
construction of the universe, our significant and in-significant roles which
binds us all together with each other and all things of motion. Everything
large is the same as everything small.  Ratios.  The circle is a circle
regardless of its measure of size and Every thing happens for a reason as
it is all a part of all knowledge and movement and motion.  I once wrote at
some 20 ish  rotations....

"An immense universe, blinds gazing eyes from their roots".........
 02--03-2019 JA
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