During the 1930’s the German people stood by and watched a madman take control
with devastating consequence.  
With that I give you these words of strength and courage.

"In times like these I pray for clarity.

It seems we are in a void of mental wellness these days.  Madmen are
oozing out of the seams and leading from the towers.
Perhaps it is time all sane men and women should rise to the call of
responsibility and see and confront the dangers.
It is not the stick poking at our sides which is the issue but rather the
arm and the brain and the mental wellness it is attached to and guided
by.  One can try putting bandages on the issues and legislate easy
good feel non-solutions ie: banning all sticks.  But the reality is the
problem goes much deeper, and so does the solution.
If we want a society/world of peaceful co-exisitence. Then we must
teach and lead by the same from a solid predictable stance of true
strength."    GLA