Gerald Lee Ames  Jay Ames bass rig
Jay Ames Live and Studio Bass Rig.  Features Ampeg all tube Pro 2 rack unit , Ampreg Pro 4 tube/hybrid rack
Ampeg 810E Classic cabs. Keys include Roland PK6 Bass Pedals driven by a Roland Jupiter 50, Hammond SK1.
Jay's fav bass is the Fender Jazz w a BadAss bridge, and a Frankenstein double neck with a Fender Tele neck and
Carvin pickups.
" I like performing live with bass as it frees me up as a vocalist to focus on breathing and hititing the
notes. There are few things more enjoyable than locking in with a great drummer, focusing on groove,
melody,challenging chops and getting the growling punches in.  Ideally I like to record live the main body of a song
and get a great solid live feeling performance on tape,   and then fill in the colors or re-do maybe a
section here or there.  Capturing the real energy is so essential to a great song or recording.   From there it is a
small step to taking it out live as it is real, impromptu and alive.     :)
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Song audio:  "Solar under grey skies" by Jay Ames  bass
and Wayne Salzmann II drums.
"If a thing is worth doing,  it's worth doing well."  NP
Jay's Fav bass list of influence

Chris Squire      Yes
Geddy Lee        Rush
Jack Bruce        Cream
John Paul Jones        Led Zep
Stanley Clarke
Benny Rietveld     Santana
Les Claypool        Primus
Jaco Pastorius
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