Gerald Lee Ames  Jay Ames bass rig
Jay Ames Live and Studio Bass Rig.  Features Ampeg all tube Pro 2 rack unit , Ampreg Pro 4 tube/hybrid rack
Ampeg 810E Classic cabs. Keys include Roland PK6 Bass Pedals driven by a Roland Jupiter 50, Hammond SK1.
Jay's fav bass is the Fender Jazz w a BadAss bridge, and a Frankenstein double neck with a Fender Tele neck and
Carvin pickups.
" I like performing live with bass as it frees me up as a vocalist to focus on breathing and hititing the
notes. There are few things more enjoyable than locking in with a great drummer, focusing on groove,
melody,challenging chops and getting the growling punches in.  Ideally I like to record live the main body of a song
and get a great solid live feeling performance on tape,   and then fill in the colors or re-do maybe a
section here or there.  Capturing the real energy is so essential to a great song or recording.   From there it is a
small step to taking it out live as it is real, impromptu and alive.     :)
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Song audio:  "Solar under grey skies" by Jay Ames  bass
and Wayne Salzmann II drums.
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