Wes and jay early years in high school
TERRA ZOO  Wes Smith playing a 1984 Carvin DNK 612
TERRA  ZOO Marshall amplification  1960 A cabs in Anvils  JVM410 and JCM 900 high gain dual reverb heads
Goofin around with 2112SomTawyer.  Not bad for a hang the mics
and play it all live (both songs) in one take.
Lead and Acoustic guitars,
keys and backing vocals.
Wes Smith's lead and chordal guitar style shine with influences from Eric Clapton,
Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Alex Lifeson to name a few.
Photo   Wes performing live with a 1985 Carvin DNK 612 double neck,  Marshall
JVM410 and Marshall JCM 900 hi gain dual reverb heads.
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