TERRA ZOO Light ladder stairway to heaven photo by Ames

Jay Ames'  vocal, prolific song
writing and distinct bass guitar work are all substantial
energy contributions within the Seattle power trio

Jay's vocal work has been noted as very strong by national and
international press.  His natural impromptu sense for melody,
clear range and power dynamic are all quintessential elements
of his original writing style.

Ames has played acoustic guitar since the age of 5 yrs old, and
began playing electric bass at age 10. Additionally he
supplements original bass compositions with Jupiter 50
keys/Hammond SK1 organ, Roland PK midi bass pedals, steel
guitar, and 2nd rythum/lead guitar parts.  Jay is currently
studying rudiments for full
drums/percussion performance.

With performance credits in multiple Seattle based bands
WORLDTIME , Gerald Lee Ames, VICE,
Brilliant Mistakes, Ames earned recording
credits at Mushroom Studios Vancouver B.C.
(producer Keith Stein) ,  
Ironwood Studios Seattle WA  (producer Jay Follette), Crow
Studios Seattle WA (Producer John Nelson), and more recently,
London Bridge Studios in Seatte WA.
Jay was featured on FOX Langley Productions national coast to
coast broadcast in 2003 and has six original music albums in

"For me it really comes down to those priceless gem moments
of musical creation.  Like a random pebble cracking upon a
flume of bamboo  When one finds that riff or un-covers a
melody or  lyric that just lifts to a higher place of wonder and
feeling."    JA

REd light is ON in the studio.  So please be sure and leave a
message at email below.
Jay Ames at London Bridge Studios main control room w Neve board  Gerald Lee Ames
London Bridge Studio Seattle WA
JA Ames double neck bass guitar  4 6
JaY  Ames
TERRA ZOO Gerald Lee Ames  Sexy Jay
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"Stay hungry, stay foolish"-
"There are very few artists who bring so much to the table."
Prog song "Z" featuring Wayne Salzmann II drums and Jay Ames on bass.
healing hand of light